Biodiversity and Ecological Management

Environmental-DNA (e-DNA)



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Due to increased awareness of environmental and climate change issues, environmental protection laws and regulations become stringent and projects are required to comply with the required standards for environmental protection. We offer services to ensure projects deliver positive outcomes for the environment and all stakeholders. Our blend of engineering, environmental, and institutional experts can provide concrete and innovative solutions to address the salient issues impacting the environment and climate today.


Biodiversity and Ecological Management

Project name

Environmental-DNA (e-DNA)

Project Location and Timeline

07/2022 - 07/2023

ClientNK Research and Development (R&D) Center
FinanceNK R&D Center

Collection of information (Previous e-DNA study in Myanmar, experience of getting an approval for exporting e-DNA samples to overseas countries and list of laboratories which can analyze the e-DNA samples in Myanmar) from desk study and by inquiring to related organizations and laboratories