Environment, Health and Safety Management and Compliance


Environmental and Social Services

Sector Description

Due to increased awareness of environmental and climate change issues, environmental protection laws and regulations become stringent and projects are required to comply with the required standards for environmental protection. We offer services to ensure projects deliver positive outcomes for the environment and all stakeholders. Our blend of engineering, environmental, and institutional experts can provide concrete and innovative solutions to address the salient issues impacting the environment and climate today.


Under Our Projects, kindly consider to put 13 Categories     
1) Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA),     
2) Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA),     
3) Environmental and Social Due Diligence,     
4) Environment, Health and Safety Management and Compliance,     
5) Environmental Monitoring (water, air, soil, noise and vibration, indoor air quality and indoor noise, soil, etc.)     
6) Climate Risk Assessment and Adaptation Planning,     
7) Biodiversity and Ecological Management,     
8) Solid Waste Management,     
9) Involuntary Resettlement and Livelihood Restoration,      
10) Public and Stakeholder Engagement,      
11) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH),     
12) Renewable Energy and      
13) Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)